1. Common Core and AASL

    I am beginning to dive into the world of the Common Core Standards as I prepare lessons for my students.  The AASL has created a Common Core Crosswalk which allows me to easily see how my standards relate to the Common Core English Standards. Not only can I easily see the relationship of the AASL standard to the Common Core, but I can also see how the AASL standards relate to each grade level in a meaningful way.  This is a huge timesaver for me as I plan lessons for each week.

    I am currently collaborating on a research project with a fourth grade social studies class.  As I reviewed the standards for this grade level, I began to see the overlap.  One AASL standard is linked to each of the three Common Core standards that we will be using in this project!  I found that to be really cool because it demonstrates how concise yet broad the AASL standards really are.  Our standards can be applied across grade levels and subject areas.  There have been some lessons where I found myself having difficulty narrowing down to just the right standard for a lesson.  As a librarian, I hope to be challenging my students to think, create, share, and grow each time that they com to the library. Those words summarize my standards.  Referring to the Common Core can help me to zero in on the AASL standard that I am targeting.  

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